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I see swallows,

all around  me,

flying in this spring,

They form some ring.

I see all of these swallows,

Life suddenly seems simple, shallow.

I do feel so hollow,

What road should I follow?
now, life seems to be in peace,

my mind, no longer broken piece.

Nature speaks to me,

she makes me feel so free.

For some time, I forget about my problems,

I fly, with the swallows, closing my eyes, randoms.

I see the sun leaving,

maybe I should too.

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#Poetry: ” #Survival”

#poetry #survival #life #death #lifeanddeath

Here for the original/Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/03/01/poesia-sopravvivenza/


I always believed that I needed to fight in life,

I always believed that I needed to keep fighting.

When everything falls apart,

When you’re let down,

when nobody listen or understand.

You want to keep fighting for get what you want,

but it’s fear that drives me.

Fear that I won’t survive.

Fear is primordial inside of us: we’re animals,

so we fear everything that could end our existence.

We fight to survive.

It may sound strange: but to somebody…

Bonding, friendship, love are our survival.

Life is all of this. We need that touch of colour in our grey life.

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