#Poetry:”I do it Myself”.

There’s a reason why I’m alone,

I’m just doing a new form,

not thinking about who’s gone,

waiting for a new storm,

I know for sure  it will come.

I don’t want any rules form  others,

I want mine

and you’re all goners.

Tke your life’s rules,

I will move for me, with me,

so in this way, I’m free.

A new me, I’m trying to be.

This is life, not Glee.

I know what to do,

“Chi fa da sé fa per tre”, In Italy we say,

That means: “if you want a thing done well, do it yourself”.

I don’t think anyobody can really understand me,

I’m Unique,

not an Abre Magique.

In that case,

nobody but me can really geti t,

the way I feel,

so real.

Not a dream

But a real thing.

Nobody understands how I feel,

no one has ever been me, with every feeling.

Every repentance,

every event

and straightening.

I cannot expect from anyone,

only by myself.

I’m not looking for an answer from someone …

It is now clear that they do not know how to give it,

if not the same as litanies,

I’m looking for mine.