#Poetry:”I need stability”.

I need balance,

I need stability.

Of living, I’ve lost the ability…

I’m not so sure,

I need a cure.

I need to care,

I need to be safe,

I need a dream,

this life feels like a nightmare.

I need to be calm,

but the storm takes me into its arm.

A new farm,

thinking about my lost charme.

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#Poetry:”Carried away by the current…”

Then why get all these problems?

Today I decide to feel comfortable,

today I decide

I decide, after months,

of attempts, to do one thing,

to go in a direction,

today I decide to feel comfortable.

Basically, you think that feeling bad,

is our decision.

And then also feel good …

There are no expiration dates,

and there are no problems.


In the end, I tell you:

suffering is demonized.

We are here living badly,

but we should feel free,

to suffer.

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