#Poetry:”Ass and Legs”.

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I can’t even look at you,

I’m scared all I’d see into those eyes,

could be hatred, or scorn.

So I fake it,

as if I’m not torn.

Disptance has born.

This is the  fragile mask I worn.

Once, I always enjoyed lookign at you.

Your beautiful smyle,

your wonderful legs,

your amazing ass.

I loved to watch your eyes smile,

and your mouth, too.

The same I wanted to kiss,

and but my dick… oh wait for this.

Sorry for this mess,

I just think you’re so sexy,

I know it’s messy.

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#Poetry:”My Hero”.

Italian version here: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/04/13/poesiail-mio-eroe/

I want to be my hero,

I want to be able to do the impossible,

I want to make myself happy,

I want to do what I can’t now,

but one day I can.

I want to be my hero,

I want to be the one who is capable of doing,

what others cannot,

or they say I can’t help.

I want to be the one who overcomes obstacles,

I want to be the one who can do it,

he can take and take back what he wants,

what he has,

what he had.

I want to get to the point where I’ll look at my hands,

Once again

and I’ll say to myself: “you did it!”

I did it, I’m doing it …

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