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Sometimes, I was a surrogate.

Not myself, not my best,

lost into some gate,

Not my real heart in my chest,

now probably, too late.


for people to like me,

for some framerate.

But I know my mistake…

This is how I failed,

I didn’t believe in me, in any state.

If I did,

I wouldn’t ever hurt,

myself, others,

I wouldn’t be so dirt.

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#Poetry:”Love Yourself”.

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So, just love yourself.

Can you do that?
I know, I’ve done some mistakes,

a lot.

I had to endure the pressure to take,

on my heart, on my brain.

And it’s real, not fake.

For so long, I was about to break.

But then I’ve got it:

I know nobody’s perfect,

so no love is.

I can try my  best,

for this love: imperfect.

Love yourself, then:

with all your flaws,

and with all that grows.

I’m sure you can,

I’m sure you will,

this is my will,

I feel love, still,

and I don’t care, for anything else,

nothing else to fill.

I will stop my judgment,

I’m living the moment.

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