#Poetry: ” #Women”.

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I won’t be here to praise you,

to make too many compliments,

to lick ass (even if I would, sometimes…If you know what I mean AHEM)…

I am an honest poet, at least I try…

Is sure that I love you, though.

I love you madly,

In fact, you make us mad.

The most wonderful and powerful thing in the world.

For men who have heart, you are like goddesses.

The strength to fully involve, the heart and the mind.

They say you are weak, “The weaker sex”, you are something else.

Your strength is difficult to achieve.

Warning: I don’t want to make comparisons:

I believe in equality.

Harmful differences cannot and must not be created,

that divide the world.

It is not my intent to make comparisons,

just say that I admire you, from the bottom of my heart.

Just as he misses you stronger than all the rest.

It makes a lot of noise.

I could not define the woman,

if not this way.

There are those who say that she understands them,

I believe it is not essential to understand.

I think it is essential to feel.

And she feels a lot,

even too much.

Certainly, without you we cannot be.

And let me tell you something:

who says otherwise,

says bull***t.

Wonderful creatures.

To love even when they disappear,

when they refuse us.

Each of you is always worth it,

and who says otherwise,

Says b***t.

Don’t you agree?

I don’t give mimosas, but words.

I don’t give flowers, but feelings and truth.

I’d like to give you something but …

By now materialism is going out of fashion.

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