Just music in my ears,

I don’t want to hear the world,

I just want the music to accompany me,

I have less and less desire to think,

more and more want to let me go …



I let myself be carried away by the water.

With no more desire to think about anything.

Like this poetry,

which is with and without rhyme.


Italian version:


I don’t write just for passion,

it’s not just to help me not think about those things

I cannot do anymore, to this situation that blocks me

and everything that hurts me.

Sometimes I wonder when this will all end,

(And it’s ending), what am I going to write …

Although I have the distinct feeling that there will always be some problems,

or something that prompts me to write regardless.

The reason I write is something more: is now like music for me:

without it I cannot live.

Now this thing and I are fused together.

I don’t know if I’ll ever stop.

Now I have a stage name that I have put on my own,

as well as the rappers I love.

This is now a “Precious Thing”.


#poetry #paranoia #calmdown #chill

Italian/Original version of this, here:


For a bit just chill, calm down.

Buy something you like, take some time.

Treat yourself.

Listen to some good song, even if you don’t really like it,

but it helps you to relax …

and listen to them in loop.

Breathe easy, take a walk.

Just stop thinking after all this time.

Erase the chat with the person you don’t even speak anymore.

Try to forget about her/him.

Don’t let fear and paranoia take you away.

Close the door.

Just let yourself go, along with your beliefs,

Think about what you should do, when you want.

Whenever you’ll feel ready.

Don’t think about work, study, people and friends.

Just top for a while.