Reading/act my #poetry: “Let’s burn #Paris”

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#Poetry: “Let’s burn #Paris”

Click here for italian/original version:


Let’s go away from here,

take me to France,

when I see you, I’m in trance.

Give me your cheek,

I want to give it a french kiss,

You it’s all I miss

So I’m writing this.

Give me a smile without a trace,

I want to see it again on your face…

One more time.

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#Poetry about #Love.

Here italian version:


Even if I try not to,

I often think  about you.

Now it’s like I shoul be ashamed about my feelings,

because somehow I hurt you, like sibilings.

We did that to each other,

even if I’m not your brother.

I try to distract

But it’s all abstract…

All these distractions,

to try to forgert about my actions…

They don’t work…

I had good intentions,

because solitude and pain are my nations.

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