#Poetry:”Grow Up”.

Click here for original/itlian verison: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/02/poesiacrescere/


To grow up,

does not mean getting colder,

does not mean becoming more cynic,

it means becoming more autonomous.

It means more and more,

know who you are,

what do you want,

where should you go,

and do it.

Carrying everything, all the way.

It seems paradoxical,

but you become too mature,

to let it go,

to surrender.

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#Poetry:”Fare Thee Well”.

Fare thee well,

a goodbye, in this hell.

I didn’t want to do it,

forced to be somehting I’m not,

described like a demon, touching something too hot.

I’m doing it for everything that has been taught,

in my heart, an empty slot.

But it’s time to let go,

everything that hurts,

even if I didn’t want to,

Fare thee well, to you.

I never wanted to give up,

but it’s the time I got to.

From the bottom to the start,

do it all again, add to the chart.

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#Poetry:”What the fuck do I know about #Love?”

Italain verison: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/09/poesiache-cazzo-ne-so-dellamore/


What do I know about love,

In the end?

It’s right,

I’m not the only jerk to believe it,

or the only one who does not lie to himself.

I’m the only one that loves,

while everyone has decided to hate.

What do I know about love?

Who knows.

Yet there is something in the heart,

something that’s good for you,

something that hurts.

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