#Poetry:”What the fuck do I know about #Love?”

Italain verison: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/09/poesiache-cazzo-ne-so-dellamore/


What do I know about love,

In the end?

It’s right,

I’m not the only jerk to believe it,

or the only one who does not lie to himself.

I’m the only one that loves,

while everyone has decided to hate.

What do I know about love?

Who knows.

Yet there is something in the heart,

something that’s good for you,

something that hurts.

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I thought a lesson,

I would never have needed it,

since I think that certain things,

they only happen once in a lifetime.

Today life still surprises me,

since coincidences are unexpected,

like yours now.

I am amazed at myself,

doing something against my nature.

For everything to come,

life is hard

and the peel is of no use against fear.


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I’ll find answers again,

As now I understand what I did,

so many mistakes,

too much to take…

But I will find a way,

as I always do and say.

As the days are going,

day after day, the sun is shining,

for a longer time,

With pain I’m dining

I don’t mind the mining,

in my heart,

and crying.

I will find answers,

one day, shocked into my mind and heart.

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