#Poetry:”Tired of being worried”.

Everyone thinks

May it always be there

A second purpose.

You know,

I’ve had enough,

to worry.

It’s time for me

Accept my mistakes.

Then everyone here,

tehy think what they want to think,

they do what they want to do,

with my actions.

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#Poetry:”I Wish”.

This is the English version of that: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/06/22/poesiavorrei


I wish to have more time,

to know if it all ends now.

I wish to have more time,

not to have to go.

I wish to know if we won’t see each other anymore,

I wish I had no more pain.

I wish to do something,

I wish I found a way.

I wish I didn’t feel so confused,

I wish not to feel this crisis on me.

I wish I were not afraid,

I wish to see myself in a better way,

I wish I had a better body,

and I wish a better life.

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