Just music in my ears,

I don’t want to hear the world,

I just want the music to accompany me,

I have less and less desire to think,

more and more want to let me go …



I let myself be carried away by the water.

With no more desire to think about anything.

Like this poetry,

which is with and without rhyme.


Italian version here:


And they come back,

from the past,

they won’t let you  rest,

they keep hitting, and it’s gonna last.

But one day,

you opened the door, the seal,

where you closed them.

But you know they’re not real,

just inside of you,

and they want you as their meal,

It’s your time they want to steal.

But you did want to face them,

to face what you felt behind,

so you can be free,

so you can stop being blind.