#Poetry:”Toxic relationships”.

You declare yourself a friend,

and expect things from me.

You do not understand,

how wrong is this?

Friendships are spontaneous,

your way of doing,

it’s toxic.

You don’t accept me,

you are like others.

You look at me badly,

you’re just a jerk

which is better to lose.

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My goals,

always unreachable,

always impossible,

always utopian.

And since I have a hard head,

I always go towards them,

to prove you can.

To reach the unattainable,

not to be one who is satisfied,

going to the things I can’t have and can’t be,

because I want them.

And wanting is power …

Because what seems unattainable,

it is only a limit to be overcome.

An exam to pass,

even when I failed, I come to the next appeal

and I do it.

And how if I can do it.

I studied well …

And it is with this mentality that I survived,

maybe I would already be dead

and instead I’m here …

Sure, maybe I won’t be happy,

but to me of the contentment, shit,

I want happiness.

After all this is my way to be:

commit myself, tooth and nail.