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I could be evil,

So maybe, we could be equal.

I can think outside of my box,

forget my values,

forget the blocks.

I could go beyond that,

I could be a trickster,

probavly not so good, mister.

But you know,

I could be a devil,

since to live or to die,

it’s all about a good lie.

Whay  can I say?

Sometimes we do things,

indeed rules are meant to be broken,

like hearts, and that’s a token.

Well, we could focus on this totem,

since now, I’m open,

heart is never frozen.

If meati s weak,

so is man,

I don’t expect you to understand.

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#Poetry”Experience’s Mirror.”

I have often noticed,

how people want to tell others,

the right ways to live …

However, with their experiences.

However, a lot of opinions, ideas, experiences,

they don’t have much to do with suffering,

feelings, of those who seek, perhaps even making a mistake,

other opinions.

So, I often see how much their ideas,

their insecurities,

often mirror them on others.

As if their ideas,

are all ideal,

for everything.

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#Poetry:”Under Pressure”.

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Under pressure,

I’m trying to find the right structure,

But I’m so stressed out,

I must have missed out…
Trying to find my answer,

writing on this paper.

I’m tring to calm down,

but everyday,

I’m falling into the ground,

everyday, dragged down into the abyss,

for everything I miss…

If I calm down, will you come back, miss?

I need you to to this…

Or maybe just me,

to let it be,

I can, so I can feel free,

instead of flee.

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