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I could be evil,

So maybe, we could be equal.

I can think outside of my box,

forget my values,

forget the blocks.

I could go beyond that,

I could be a trickster,

probavly not so good, mister.

But you know,

I could be a devil,

since to live or to die,

it’s all about a good lie.

Whay  can I say?

Sometimes we do things,

indeed rules are meant to be broken,

like hearts, and that’s a token.

Well, we could focus on this totem,

since now, I’m open,

heart is never frozen.

If meati s weak,

so is man,

I don’t expect you to understand.

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#Poetry:”Ways to live”.

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You know,

all too often I hear

points of view,

in which it seems that they tell you that there is an “objective” way of living.

What the heck,

It is not so.

Everyone has their time,

his time,

to experience, to understand, to learn.

There are moments in life, where you learn things,

that only in that precise moment,

it becomes important.

Everyone live their own life,

as well as possible,

doing your best,

and if that’s not enough, go further, try to improve yourself.

Everyone lives according to his beliefs,

nonsense, desires and temptations.

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#Poetry:”Past, Present, Future”.

Italian version: https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/05/13/poesiapassato-presente-futuro/


We live in three moments of our life,

we are both our past, present and future.

The past was a second before,

the future is the second after.

We are always full of memories,

we are full of hopes and expectations for the future,

as we strive to build it.

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