Can’t let ME go,

not after this all.

I can run away,

But I still want to do things, my way.

I can’t let this go,

not for her,

but for me.

We’ll see what happens after,

along with all the things,

I’ve tried to cover…

I’m the Jester.


Italian version here:

What the fuck do you know,

how life will go?

How my life has been?

You just talk so much,

but what have you seen?

What the fuck do you know

If it will stay the same?

You take thinghs for granted,

forget my name.

I will look for fame

And the extreme taste of pain.

You think you know all,

you just can’t take the fault,

you think you’re never wrong?

I don’t, but it doesnt make me strong.


Click here for italian version:


I thought a lesson,

I would never have needed it,

since I think that certain things,

they only happen once in a lifetime.

Today life still surprises me,

since coincidences are unexpected,

like yours now.

I am amazed at myself,

doing something against my nature.

For everything to come,

life is hard

and the peel is of no use against fear.