Can’t let ME go,

not after this all.

I can run away,

But I still want to do things, my way.

I can’t let this go,

not for her,

but for me.

We’ll see what happens after,

along with all the things,

I’ve tried to cover…

I’m the Jester.


Here you find the original/italian version of this:


I have my mind into disorder,

Into chaos,

I try to find order,

but it’s not something I cross.

I try to find an answer,

but then, I have to improvize,

when the unknown kicks in,

but I got that to razionalize,

isn’t always the best thing to get in.

But I guess that’s my sin,

as I want so much to win.


Click here for italian/Original version:


“I don’t know,”

sometimes, life is not knowing,

is not doing,

it’s full of “no”.

Life is a doubt,

we’ll try to do something about,

For every that cut me out.

All of those doubts,

You don’t know how to solve,

sometimes just enjoy the fact,

that you don’t know,

It’s a good thing to evolve.

You’re caught up,

between what you are,

and what you wanna be.